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Kay Jay Services & Supplies 
Kay Jay Sevices Screenshot

When I came to Kay Jay Services & Supplies, they wanted to completely re-do their website. The animation and music choice were a collaborative effort, I was very hands-on with the rest. I rebuilt their website on WordPress. I did the layout, menus, found the images, added the music, and transcribed the content. I also worked on their government website and helped transcribe lists.

Started 01/07/19

Middle Country Teacher's Association  Website

I designed the website for Middle Country Teachers Association (MCTA). I also made a manual to help the adminstrator make updates to the website.

On May 5, 2015 I met with the MCTA Vice President to discuss the development of the design. We worked together to create and format a site that would meet the needs of the organization. This project fulfilled the internship requirement for my Journalism/New Media degree from Saint Joseph's College.

Dates: 5/18/2015 to 6/22/2015